For over 15 years we have been working to set a standard of excellence in the industry.  Through our experience and creativity we have been dedicated to helping our customers receive the product they want.



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Business Hours

  •  8am-5pm   Monday–Friday
  • CLOSED     Saturday-Sunday

At Betty’s, we know embroidery can be so much more than stitching some letters--it is helping other small business’s grow. Our business is to make your business look good! Not only are we about helping other businesses, but also individual customers. Looking to make a special gift item? We can help!

We take pride in our work. All of our digitizing and artwork is done in-house. We believe that the customer is number one in focus. We strive to make the quality of our product meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Pricing is based on the amount of stitches in the logo. We have no minimum order size, but apparel and embroidery pricing both cost less in quantity. To set up a new logo for embroidery, we have a one-time digitizing charge. If the same logo is used on a future order with no additional changes made, there will not be a digitizing fee for that order.